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Dreams. Reality. Life. Love.

Yatsuiko-chan's Fanfiction Community
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This is where dreams come true.
Where Imagination is the only limit.
This is yatsuiko_chan's Fanfiction Community. Standard Disclaimers apply.

She writes mainly about JUMP, Johnny's Jrs. and Horikoshi, and sometimes about other JE groups. Her favorite pairings are: HS7Original x HS7, 3-D x 3-D, Kamiki x Everyone, Chinen x Everyone, Taiga x Everyone and many more. Obviously, she ships way too much.

Recently, she's into Fantasy and AUs. She likes writing series but hates updating. If you watch this community, expect some random updates every now and then. She's plagued by the Writer's Curse (in which she can't sleep because of an idea and can't study without writing a one-shot).